Service Agreement & Your Privacy

Service Agreement for Investigation Services

Prior to undertaking any services with Decoy Investigation’s, we advise all clients to read and understand this Service Agreement and our Privacy Policy. It is the responsibility of the client/individual to ensure they have read and understood these documents. Where the client/individual has any queries regarding this Service Agreement, contact Decoy Investigations –

Standard Charges
Full payment is required before any work can be undertaken by Decoy Investigations (herein known as Decoy). If payment is not received any services conducted by Decoy will cease immediately. Any rescheduling or changes to booked services are to be made as soon as the client/individual is made aware of these changes. Three days’ notice (3) is required with (a) changes being implemented and investigation to proceed or (b) cancellation of investigation with any monies paid being forfeited and non-refundable.
The client/individual understands that under no circumstances will a refund be made once payment is received unless services have been rescheduled as above. Additional work is undertaken in four (4) hour blocks unless otherwise specified. Information will be released to the client/individual after Full payment is made and cleared. Under no circumstance is any information gathered by Decoy released to the client/individual until the full invoiced payment has been made. Decoy Investigations is under no obligation to advise the client/individual on a daily or ongoing basis of the status of the investigation, however where possible, Decoy will endeavor to do so. Any information will be at the discretion of the Investigator and will not include any final release of information until outcome as agreed has been completed.

Expenses (not included in fee schedule) shall include the following and agreed prior to any investigative work being undertaken:
• Minimum charge per km is 85 cents
• Public Holiday rates include .5 of hourly rate
• Venue admission (at cost) if applicable
• Food and Beverage for surveillance in Restaurant shall incur a $45 charge
• Accommodation/flights – if/when required (at cost)
• Surveillance footage including video or photography is included in fees however any postage of same will be at cost to client/individual.

Service Costs – Minimum
Surveillance            $90 per hour (4 hours minimum)
Missing Persons     $400
Other                         As agreed

Our Services Include the following:

• Missing Persons – Skip Tracing
• Background Checks – financial and pre-employment
• Surveillance
• Criminal History Checks – National Police Checking Service
• Staff (employee) Investigations inc. theft from workplace and staff absenteeism checks
• Infidelities – Cohabitation – Marital Status
• Romance Scams

Full payment is required to instigate an investigation into the above mentioned services. The client/individual understands that there is no guarantee of a particular outcome and based on this understanding NO refunds are given. Full payment is required to cover our costs.
Information shall be given verbally and a written report via email.


Payment is made via direct debit, credit card or via cash. All payments must be cleared and a receipt issued prior to any investigation work being undertaken. GST is NOT included at this time.
The client/individual agrees to pay Decoy all fees as per assignment instructions with the understanding there is no guarantee of a particular outcome.

Client/Individual Responsibilities

Any legal matters pertaining to investigations being sought shall be clearly stated without limitation or hesitation. It is the responsibility of the client to advise Decoy of any current (or pending/past) legal proceedings including court proceedings, restraining orders, DVO’s or any other legal matter. Failure to disclose information of this nature could result in police involvement. Decoy Investigations trusts the information given by the client/individual on assignment consultation is not misleading, false or ambiguous. Where information is misleading as above, all fees paid will be forfeited and investigations will cease.
Under no circumstances is a client/individual or any associate/s of client/individual to attend locations where investigations/surveillance is being undertaken. Decoy Investigations will cease the investigation immediately and all fees paid will be forfeited.
The client/individual understands that all information pertaining to assignments are Confidential and are to remain as such until the completion of the assignment. Where it is found that a client/individual has broken this clause, Decoy Investigations will cease the investigation immediately and all fees paid will be forfeited.


Your Privacy


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.  We respect your right to privacy at all times.  Personal Information that we hold is identifiable information and will entail information about you and the subject matter as per those identified in the Assignment Instructions as discussed with you, the client.

What information may we hold?

At Decoy, we will hold the following client/subject information:

  • Your name, address, phone number/s and email address
  • Any information given to us by you regarding your Assignment Instructions (this will include the ‘subject/s’ details such as name, address, workplace and any other information pertinent to the investigation such as ‘frequented locations’).
  • Communiques between you the client and Decoy Investigations
  • Photographic/Video evidence as garnered during any investigation
  • Court documents/orders if applicable including restraining orders, dvo’s, mediation papers and custodial documents

We do not provide any information given to us by you to any third party.  All information is kept securely and Decoy provide a duty of care to clients in relation to their personal information.  All services provided by Decoy are undertaken by licenced professionals in a legal and ethical manner.