Missing Persons

Missing Persons/Skip Tracing
Need to track down and locate a Debtor or Defaulter, reunite with your lost loved one or just find someone you need to contact? Lost touch with a parent, child, old friend or co-worker? Get the best of our skills, experience and expertise in helping you find those missing people today!

Need to find a missing person?
At Decoy Investigations, we seek to locate missing persons in the least time possible. Our investigators enjoy unlimited access to some of the leading missing persons’ databases currently available on the internet. Whether you have current information details about them or not, rest assured we can put the pieces of the puzzle together for a successful outcome. What we can do for you:
 Find Debtors, Defaulters (skip tracing).
 Locate Romance Scammers.
 Locate Missing Children, Absentee Parents, Adoptees, Siblings
 Locate beneficiaries under a Will.

Why choose Decoy Investigations as your missing persons’ investigators?
1. Ethical investigators with unmatched track records – confidentiality assured.
2. Expertise of handling each case with its uniqueness, with hard work, absolute discretion and utmost professionalism.
3. We have access to many large databases of information. These databases are not available to the general public.
4. We can help locate debtors that owe you money, uncover that romance scammer or even reunite you with your beloved high school friend.
5. Everything is done discretely and in a systematic manner and therefore our investigations do not alert those we seek.

What do we need to start the search and find those missing people?
Having as much information as possible will hasten the entire process. Details we will ask to commence an investigation would include (but not limited to) the following:
• Full name
• Date of birth
• Last known address/phone number
• Last known workplace
• Known friends and associates
The above is a guide only and you may have all of the above information or you may have only one or two points.

At Decoy we take our personal safety very seriously. We will ask you if you have already tried to find the ‘subject’ (missing person) and thus possibly alerting them – this is mainly for skip tracing/finding lost debtors.

Sometimes people don’t want to be found for reasons known only to them – this should always be taken into consideration before you decide to undertake our services.

How long will it take to find a missing person?
Each investigation into a missing person/skip trace is unique. Depending on the time frame the person has been ‘missing’ can also slow down the process. We aim to achieve successful outcomes and timeframes can be discussed and agreed to during the assignment instruction phase.