There are laws around surveillance in Australia at both the State/Territory and Federal levels. Surveillance includes monitoring and video recording as well as recording of telephone conversations. While it is an offence to record telephone conversation in some States, in others it is not. CCTV cameras in the workplace are generally used to ensure employees are performing their duties and using resources appropriately, again the laws vary from State to State.

What we Do…
At Decoy Investigations we can undertake surveillance in a professional, ethical and confidential manner.
Whether you want to know if your partner is at work or out to dinner with a new ‘work colleague’ or whether your employee is really sick (again) we can uncover the truth by some surveillance work. Our surveillance techniques are discreet, and we supply the following to you on completion of the assignment:

• Photographic Evidence
• Video Evidence
• Surveillance Log – times/dates of surveillance including activities of the subject
• Written Report – if you are a company we will complete your proforma as instructed

Why Surveillance?
Surveillance when done properly can reveal the extent of a persons activities with physical evidence such as photographs and video footage. It is the evidence that is produced that can be the catalyst for law suits (for example work-cover or insurance claims) or for a victim of infidelity to accept their partners indiscretions.

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