Background/Employee checks

At Decoy Investigations, we provide background check services for employers for a person’s academic record, previous employment record, financial status, citizenship identity, criminal history and more. We have experience offering employee checks for candidates applying for all types of employment whether that be full/part time, casual or contract. All cases are unique and can involve uncovering delicate personal matters and challenges, we’re proud to have earned invaluable experiences from them that enrich our knowledge and help build our reputation.
If you’ve never hired a private investigator to perform a discreet, online background check before, please talk to us.
Background Checks
If you need to discover more about a person, perhaps before you enter into a business contract or for individual reasons, start by knowing their background. At Decoy Investigations, we go above and beyond to ensure we uncover and expose each and every detail about them for you.
Again, if you are suspicious of someone you are going to hire, we can help complete a thorough employee background check. Our private investigators are experts and will solve just about anything, including determining if he/she is a cheating spouse. Yes – we’ve got the requisite experience, skills and resources to get the job done.
Employee Checks
There’s a variety of reasons why employee checks are required before hiring someone. Resumes can lie, educational certificates can be easily forged, and you can’t jeopardize your company by hiring a person who has lied about their qualifications and abilities. Whether you are a large corporation, a mid-sized company or a startup looking for that perfect candidate to hire, Decoy Investigations is here to check out their credentials for you.
Trust our intelligent, winning and thorough background check to help you discover what’s very important for your business – your staff. Our innovative, on-demand solutions will provide efficient and effective results regarding an employee’s background screening process.
Why hire Decoy Investigations for Employee Background Checks for Employment?
1. Experience in performing background screening and checks in Brisbane, Australia, there’s no safer bet than Decoy Investigations.
2. We’re all about speed, efficiency and quality of the results we gather.
3. Everything is done and delivered by some of Australia’s most exceptional private investigators and thus yield the results you can trust.
4. Our techniques are discreet, above board and ethical. We don’t engage in any dirty tricks that will put anyone under any type of duress.
5. Our professionalism and expertise will be your added advantage.
6. We guarantee confidentiality in all screening processes.